Masih Ingat Slamet, Pemuda 16 Tahun yang Nikahii Nenek Rohaya 71 Tahun Kini Berubah Dratis

Keperluan dana tambahan untuk berbagai kebutuhan makin meningkat. Hal ini tidak hanya dikarenakan bertambahnya populasi dan kebutuhan yang meningkat, melainkan juga inflasi yang tidak diikuti dengan peningkatan daya beli. Situasi seperti ini pastinya tidak asing bagi banyak orang. Oleh karenanya banyak bermunculan layanan yang menawarkan pinjaman online dengan masa proses yang cepat. Namun dengan banyaknya layanan pinjaman online, bagaimanakah Anda memilih pinjaman dana yang tepat dan aman, karena setiap lembaga keuangan memiliki syarat, fitur dan sistem berbeda. Kali ini, kami menghadirkan beberapa pilihan layanan pinjaman online terbaik yang menawarkan proses cepat dan memiliki persyaratan mudah (tanpa kartu kredit dan modal KTP saja) pada December 2018. Serta masing-masingnya terdaftar di OJK. Simak sistem mana yang paling tepat untuk situasi Anda. 1. Pinjaman online dana besar dan persyaratan mudah Tunaiku Pinjaman dana online hingga Rp 20 juta cair dalam 24 ja…

Keindahan Malam Di Kampung Kerapu

Setelah memasuki musim liburan tentunya ingin sekali pergi ke tempat yang menakjubkan dan tak terlupakan, banyak juga yang mencari-cari destinasi wisata apa yang paling mempesona dan memanjakan mata biasanya orang-orang memilih untuk pergi ke wisata yang ada di alam terbuka untuk menikmati kekayaan alam yang ada dan dilestarikan oleh pemerintah setempat.

Salah sati tempat wisata yang dilestarikan dan menjadi destinasi wisata yang sering dikunjungi adalah Kampung Kerapu, yang banyak membudidayakan keramba ikan, dermaga yang sengaja dibuat sedemikian rupa ini semakin membuat daya tarik tempat wisata ini menjadi banyak dikunjungi oleh para wisatawan, dermaga apung yang dibuat melingkar sehingga para pengunjung bisa berjalan di atas dermaga sembari melihat keramba ikan yang ada.

Ada juga perahu yang disediakan sebagai salah satu fasilitas yang dapat dinaiki oleh para wistawan yang ingin pergi mengunjungi keramba ikan yang ada di tengah laut. Tiket yang terjangkau semakin membuat para pen…

Why a diet of 800 Kcal is crazy (and a danger) to your body

If we are looking to lose weight it is essential to achieve a negative energy balance in our body and for this reason, we always go to reduced calorie diets within which there are those that only remove 500 Kcal daily or also, those that subtract a very different proportion higher energy to our days as the 800 Kcal diets. We tell you why it's crazy how his practice is and a danger too, for your body.

Very low calorie-value diets
Under normal conditions, an average adult requires to maintain their weight around 2000 Kcal daily, so reducing the energy intake to 800 Kcal is a considerable change in their diet that can not only affect quantities but also alter the quality of It's the same.

A woman with low physical activity level, over 50 years old and short stature may require around those calories just to cover basal metabolism, that is, her basic vital functions. It is estimated that baseline energy expenditure accounts for 70% of the calories needed per day, therefore 800 Kcal wo…

Fats in the diet: the ones that YES and those that DO NOT help you lose your belly

Reducing the accumulated fat in the abdominal region is a difficult process, however, it is not impossible to achieve and a good diet can be of great use. That's why we tell you which dietary fats help and which don't lose your belly.

Fats that SI help reduce belly
Although fats are always the nutrient that we try to subtract from the diet when we seek to lose weight, not all are an obstacle, but the fats that we show below far from hindering our goals, can help to reduce belly:

Omega 3: This type of polyunsaturated fats have been associated in research published in the journal Lipids to lower fat accumulation throughout the body, decreasing the chances of new fat cells forming as well as that these fat cells increase in size. Therefore, we can consume omega 3 using seeds, nuts or blue fish in our diet with the aim of reducing or preventing the presence of belly.
MUFA or monounsaturated fats: the monounsaturated fatty acids included in a healthy diet can offer great benefits to th…

Digestive problems in pregnancy? Seven tips to recover from Christmas excesses

Christmas lunches take their toll. Extra kilos and digestive discomfort are the order of the day, especially during pregnancy when digestions become slower and heavier.

Hormones, coupled with the size of the uterus compressing the stomach, are responsible for the main digestive problems in pregnancy such as acidity, constipation, gas, discomfort and feeling of stomach heaviness. Then let's give seven tips that will help you recover from the Christmas excesses.

Increase your fruit and vegetable intake: they are a healthy alternative that will help you compensate for the recharged Christmas dishes. They contain fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that will fill you with energy and help you regularize intestinal transit after the eatlines.

Make six meals a day: you prefer to eat small portions several times a day than just two copious meals. Make dinners lighter and earlier to avoid going to bed with a feeling of heaviness.

Choose healthy snacks: by mid-morning and snack choose he…

Foods that calm nausea during pregnancy

Foods that calm nausea during pregnancyWhen you're pregnant one of the common symptoms during the first trimester is the onset of the dreaded morning and evening sickness. But do you know how to calm them down? Here's a list of foods to help calm them down.
The lemon. Squeezed lemon juice with a little sugar is used by many pregnant women to combat nausea. Another thing that works is to split a lemon in half and inhale it deeply when one comes. Mineral water also works with a jet of lemon.

Ice cubes: For some pregnant women sucking ice cubes reduces the feeling of nausea. You can add a few drops of lemon juice before they freeze and this will help to a greater extent not to feel them.

Infusions in general are good for relieving nausea and avoiding stomach burns, but better if they are based on mint, chamomile or orange peels. Remember that not all infusions (except for these we recommend) are suitable for pregnant women so do not forget to consult your doctor.

Water. Have a glass …

What should a healthy breakfast look like?

In the hustle and bustle of the daily routine, for many people breakfast becomes a tedious task that can be eliminated. Skipping breakfast repetitively can have several harmful effects on the body. For example, a slower metabolism and a tendency to eat voraciously over the course of the morning are generated, with weight gain being an undesirable consequence. It is true that some cognitive skills may also be affected.

How can you make a healthy breakfast that fits your mornings? First we have to be clear about what should be contained in breakfast. Ideally breakfast should provide between 25 and 30 percent of the day's total calories. Ideally, it contains carbohydrates and fiber from fruits, vegetables and/or legumes, as well as protein from dairy products, eggs or foods derived from plants such as grouts, yogurt, grains, among others.

Egg white cakes and vegetables. Breakfast recipe on video
Fruit is usually recommended instead of juice because the fruit contains more fiber and fewe…