Weekly Meal Plan : 5 Healty Foods Friendly

Healty Food

From a veggie-packed noodle bowl to grilled-cheese tacos, each of these kid-approved recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less.

As anyone with kids who went back to school this month knows, the weeknight dinner hustle is real. With hungry, cranky children underfoot, notices to sign, and homework to review, evenings often feel like the world's worst cooking-competition reality show. To cope, arm yourself with quick, family-friendly recipes like these, every one of which will get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less (and sometimes much, much less).

Monday: A Veggie-Packed Noodle Bowl
Our kid-friendly peanut sauce absolutely makes this hearty, one-bowl dinner. For best results with picky kids, set out each of the toppings—roast chicken, crisp snap peas, sliced cucumbers, shredded carrots—and let everyone add the ones they like. To make Wednesday's dinner even faster, double the number of chicken thighs you roast, and reserve half for that meal. While you're at it, make some extra peanut sauce and stash it in the fridge for another night—it will last for up to 2 weeks.

Tuesday: Grilled-Cheese Tacos
Tangy halloumi, a Mediterranean cheese made from goat's and sheep's milk, is firm enough to hold up on the grill (or grill pan), which gives it a lovely smoky flavor. Layer it on a soft corn tortilla with sliced avocados and lightly charred corn and onions for an easy twist on the usual Tuesday-night tacos.

Wednesday: A Chicken Flatbread Supper in Under 10 Minutes
With the reserved cooked chicken thighs from Monday night, this meal comes together almost instantaneously. Top flatbreads with a bit of chicken, a dollop of hummus, sliced cucumbers, chopped tomatoes, and a little yogurt, or serve each of the components separately for any family members who don't like their foods to, you know, touch.

Thursday: A Magical One-Pot Pasta Dish
The magic of this 22-minute pasta dish? You cook the pasta right in the sauce.

Friday: A Super-Simple Sausage Skillet
Fully cooked Italian sausage links are the key to making this dish in 10 minutes or less—you can find them packaged at the supermarket, or you can cook fresh sausage ahead of time if you prefer. The buttery sauce is perfect for mopping up with some crusty bread, so serve a loaf alongside, or with a pot of steamed rice if that's what your family likes best.


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