Rules for a correct and safe diabetes diet

Viewed from the list, food choices for diabetics are actually almost the same as the food of the people in general. The principle that should be emphasized in a diabetic diet is balance and nutritional variation.

Make sure every meal menu of your day contains balanced nutrition such as fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and various other minerals and vitamins. However, limit as much as possible or avoid intake of sugar and additional salt, and bad fats. No less important, you also have to measure each portion to fit in accordance with your personal calorie needs.

Another key to a safe diabetes diet is to adjust the frequency of your eating hours. People who have diabetes are encouraged to eat small portions often. Doctors and nutritionists agree that diabetics are better off eating a little but often throughout the day, rather than directly eating big only three times a day.

Because, eating in large portions can increase blood sugar levels drastically and quickly. For people with diabetes, these conditions can worsen their condition.

Now, if you already understand the basic principles of a diabetes diet, now is the time to design your daily food menu. The following is an example of a diet menu for diabetics that you can try applying at home.

  • Diabetic diet menu 1
  • About 150 grams of brown rice
  • 1 item omelet
  • Saute bean sprouts mixed with tempeh
  • Kencur clear vegetables
  • Diabetic diet menu 2
  • About 150 grams of brown rice or 100 grams of shirataki noodles
  • 1 piece of pepes fish
  • 2 pieces of tofu / tempeh mendoan
  • 1 sour vegetable bowl
  • Diabetic diet menu 3
  • About 150 grams of brown rice
  • Chicken breast chopper (1 piece)
  • Pecel vegetables
  • Perkedel knows
  • Snack menu
  • As a snack, you can snack when between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner.

Snack foods that you consume are free. However, you should choose snacks that are rich in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables. You can eat it directly or make juice or smoothies.

If you are still unsure or confused, don't hesitate to plan a diabetes diet menu every day by consulting a trusted nutritionist. Nutritionists can help calculate what your daily calorie needs are and what nutrients are important and you should multiply, to determine the diabetes diet menu that best suits your condition.


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