The principle of eating 4 healthy 5 perfect is outdated

Maybe the principle of 4 perfectly healthy 5 has become a slogan that keeps ringing in your memory. This slogan you might also have memorized since childhood. However, did you know that the slogan is no longer used now? Why is that, huh?

This slogan originally appeared as a campaign in 1952. Since then, 4 perfectly healthy 5 has always been the main principle if you want to live a healthy life. Then over time and the development of science, this slogan is no longer compatible with life today.

Therefore, the Indonesian Ministry of Health has issued a successor, namely the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines (PGS). The principle of eating is indeed just issued and ratified in 2014, so that not many know that 4 healthy 5 perfect is no longer valid.

Here are the reasons why the 4 healthy 5 perfect slogans are deemed inappropriate and eventually replaced with the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines.

1. Eating healthy is not enough
In the past, you might think that if you want to live a healthy life, you live to fulfill the principle of eating 4 healthy 5 perfect This means that every meal must have staple food, side dishes consisting of animal protein and vegetable protein, vegetables, fruit, and milk as a perfect ingredient.

In fact, food is not the only determinant of your health status. Just choosing healthy foods is not enough to maintain your overall fitness and health.

In this new guideline, there are a number of other recommendations if you want to live a healthy life. Among them are regular exercise, regulating food portions, monitoring body weight regularly, and maintaining personal hygiene and the surrounding environment.

2. Milk is not required to be a complement
If you think that your new diet will be perfect if you drink milk, then you are wrong. Milk is no longer required to be included in your daily healthy diet. Because the milk has the same content as animal protein side dishes.

While other ingredients in milk such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron, you can also find it in various other animal proteins. So don't worry about you being unhealthy because you haven't been drinking milk.

3. There are no portion provisions
In the slogan of eating old healthy food, there are no rules and rules for how many meals a day. In fact, the provision of food portions is very important to prevent you from experiencing obesity and being attacked by various chronic diseases.

Meanwhile, on the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines, you can also get a portion of the healthy diet in your dinner plate.

4. Food ingredients must vary
The more ingredients for the healthy food you eat, the better the nutritional content. In the Principles of Balanced Nutrition, it is also emphasized to consume various types of food.

Not just relying on one type of food, like staple food that can be replaced with corn, noodles, sweet potatoes, or potatoes - it doesn't have to be rice. Whereas in the previous slogan there was no message.

5. You also have to drink lots of water
In 4 perfectly healthy 5, it is not stated that you have to consume mineral water. In fact, the fulfillment of fluids is very important to maintain sufficient fluids in your body. The best liquid to meet your needs is only mineral water.

Therefore, in the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines you are encouraged to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day or according to your individual needs.


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