Digestive problems in pregnancy? Seven tips to recover from Christmas excesses

Christmas lunches take their toll. Extra kilos and digestive discomfort are the order of the day, especially during pregnancy when digestions become slower and heavier.

Hormones, coupled with the size of the uterus compressing the stomach, are responsible for the main digestive problems in pregnancy such as acidity, constipation, gas, discomfort and feeling of stomach heaviness. Then let's give seven tips that will help you recover from the Christmas excesses.

Increase your fruit and vegetable intake: they are a healthy alternative that will help you compensate for the recharged Christmas dishes. They contain fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that will fill you with energy and help you regularize intestinal transit after the eatlines.

Make six meals a day: you prefer to eat small portions several times a day than just two copious meals. Make dinners lighter and earlier to avoid going to bed with a feeling of heaviness.

Choose healthy snacks: by mid-morning and snack choose healthy and nutritious snacks based on fruits, vegetables, cereals and nuts. Here are some healthy pecking recipes for meals between hours.

Plan healthy menus: prepare light dishes with salads, vegetables, grilled or grilled meats. He prefers less-fat meats like turkey, chicken or fish over heavier meats like pork or lamb.

Move: Exercise will help you not only get rid of a few extra pounds but mainly to feel active and recover energy. Take walks at least an hour a day.

Drink enough water: staying well hydrated is essential to regulate our body's processes, including digestion. It is recommended to consume about two litres of water a day during pregnancy, including infusions other beverages and water contained in the food. You don't have to force it either, but don't forget to drink enough water.

Say goodbye to the turks, marzipans, dust, roasts and other Christmas sweets next year.


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