What should a healthy breakfast look like?

In the hustle and bustle of the daily routine, for many people breakfast becomes a tedious task that can be eliminated. Skipping breakfast repetitively can have several harmful effects on the body. For example, a slower metabolism and a tendency to eat voraciously over the course of the morning are generated, with weight gain being an undesirable consequence. It is true that some cognitive skills may also be affected.

How can you make a healthy breakfast that fits your mornings? First we have to be clear about what should be contained in breakfast. Ideally breakfast should provide between 25 and 30 percent of the day's total calories. Ideally, it contains carbohydrates and fiber from fruits, vegetables and/or legumes, as well as protein from dairy products, eggs or foods derived from plants such as grouts, yogurt, grains, among others.

Egg white cakes and vegetables. Breakfast recipe on video
Fruit is usually recommended instead of juice because the fruit contains more fiber and fewer calories, but if after breakfast you will do intense exercise, then juice can be an easy source of energy. And the sweet bread? Something is better than nothing, if you haven't eaten for several days, a shell is fine. The appeal of sweet breads is that they are practical and portable, so the healthy option is to have on hand some options with the same characteristics, but healthy. For example, breakfast bars, nuts, even leftovers of dinner like beans to make you a burrito or toast. The idea is to look for options that provide energy and nutrients, and that help you feel satisfied.

Below you can see a table with different breakfast options

Breakfast table
Breakfast, essential or not, who's right?
Breakfast, essential or not, who's right?
Breakfast is a big deal for people who work out in the morning. Some believe that exercising on an empty stomach will cause them to burn more body fat, however, if the body burns a higher percentage of fat while exercising without breakfast, that doesn't mean that metabolism, or total calorie burning, is accelerating. If you're going to do a long or strenuous workout on an empty stomach, you may not have the right carbohydrates to maximize your workout and therefore can't train for long periods or so hard. Even if you burn a slightly higher fat ratio, if you have poor performance, chances are you won't burn the same amount of total calories as you could if you were well fed.


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