Why a diet of 800 Kcal is crazy (and a danger) to your body

If we are looking to lose weight it is essential to achieve a negative energy balance in our body and for this reason, we always go to reduced calorie diets within which there are those that only remove 500 Kcal daily or also, those that subtract a very different proportion higher energy to our days as the 800 Kcal diets. We tell you why it's crazy how his practice is and a danger too, for your body.

Very low calorie-value diets
Under normal conditions, an average adult requires to maintain their weight around 2000 Kcal daily, so reducing the energy intake to 800 Kcal is a considerable change in their diet that can not only affect quantities but also alter the quality of It's the same.

A woman with low physical activity level, over 50 years old and short stature may require around those calories just to cover basal metabolism, that is, her basic vital functions. It is estimated that baseline energy expenditure accounts for 70% of the calories needed per day, therefore 800 Kcal would still be in deficit in older women, with low physical activity and low stature.

800 Kcal are still insufficient in older women with low physical activity and short stature
This means that 800 Kcal daily are very few for a physically active young adult and hence diets with this energy value are considered of very low caloric value.

Of course, these types of diets are considered fast diets because due to the large energy deficit produce results in shorter timeframes, which makes these kinds of proposals in attractive alternatives when we look for "easy" and in a short time.

A diet of as low caloric value as 800 Kcal daily is certainly a restrictive diet, that is, it requires us to remove a lot of food from our diet in order to comply with it and therefore can also pose a risk factor to suffer nutritional deficiencies. The fewer calories and foods, the more likely we are to lack essential nutrients.

Increased risk of nutritional deficiencies, damaged metabolism and altered food behavior are the main consequences
On the other hand, the maintenance of lost weight is more complex after a diet so low in calories, as a study published in The American Journal of Clincial Nutrition has shown, since a metabolic adaptation with changes can occur in our body, hormonal, neurological and adipose tissue that make it difficult to fail to recover from lost weight.

This is what has happened with the participants of the television program "The Biggest Loser" until 6 months after the end of the diet: his body burned far fewer calories than before because of the restriction to which he was subjected, as demonstrated in a published in the journal Obesity.

Thus, our body will experience more hunger and less satiety because leptin levels are reduced and greline levels are increased, and at the same time, it will burn fewer calories than before, all because of the stress caused by strict diets such as those of 800 Kcal daily.

Increased risk of nutritional deficiencies, damaged metabolism and altered food behavior are the main consequences of a diet of 800 Kcal daily, therefore, if we want to protect health and lose weight forever these are sufficient reasons to move away from diets of very low caloric value and to sign up for an individualized proposal that promotes the change of habits towards a healthier and more lasting lifestyle.


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